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19/4/08: OG Album Release

11/3/08 Update:

Kia ora everyone, thanks for checking back. LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

For detailed info click on the 'flyer' pages and print, how to get there, what to bring etc. page 4.

Tickets are selling fast for this event so act now, grab your ticket, you wont be disappointed. Remember you can buy online and get it in the post. NOTE: Internet sales are only available until Tuesday 25th March if not already sold out by then.

Footage from last years event is right here on the site or click here for YouTube.

This is Shapeshifters last NZ performance for 2008 and what a better way to enjoy it, out underneath the stars on one of the band members home turf.

Tips: pack a good jacket, hat, spare socks, comfortable footwear and a torch as the majority of the entertainment will be at night.

Download map here(pdf) and print, event will be sign posted from Glentunnel.


Sat 29 March


2pm Gates Open

3:30pm I-Sis / Double Trubble

5 Nazarite

6:30 O.G

7:45 Sticky FIngaz

8:45 Departure Lounge Live

9:45 Dubwize

10:40 Sunshine Soundsystem w KP and Switch


1:30am Tiki / Gooba

2:30 Confucious & Mysterious D

3:30am main stage closes.

Sun 30 March

10am Aleon

11 Jungle (Dnd)

12 midday Poncho San Pedro

1 Rudeboy & the Mighty Astrix

2 Otautahi Allstars Live

3 Dredford

4pm main stage closes


Sat 29 March

6:30pm Dexta

7:30 R.I.A.

8:30 Insmoniac

9:30 Partido

10:30 Katalyst

11:30 Red-i

12:40am DSD

1:50 Ill Figz

3 D'erb / LQ B2B

5-7 Mashup

7am Zone closes.

Respekt from OG and Gooba.


Don’t wait til the last minute, this event will sell out.


That’s right, here we go for round 2, and this round is gonna be a knock out.

Why? Because we have once again put together the deadliest lineup in the most beautiful setting in Canterbury.

Keep checking back for updates and info.


Latest acts added: Rudeboy (Salmonella Dub) and the Mighty Asterix.

Gates open 2pm so please be organised and get there with time to spare for the best campsite. You will be driving up a gravel road so take it slow and get there safely.

Do not stop or get out of your vehicle on the access road in. There will be a no passout policy for safety reasons, once you leave, you leave.

Listen to RDU 98.5FM for ticket giveaways and also specialist show Djs who are performing there, they will fill you in as well.

Metro Beats Fri 9-11pm DJ L-Que
Maintain Fri 11-1am Red-I
Alleviate Sat 7-9pm Katalyst
Dubwize Sun 5-7pm Messenjah and Nazarite
Supafly Sun 7-9pm Partido

Respekt from Gooba and OG.

Click to view the Flyer:


Hey people in the know, thanks for checking back with us.

I-Nation was a smooth running event with the best festival goers anyone could ask for.

Everyone was dancing all night to the freshest tunes from NZ's best soundsystems and entertainers.

It was honestly the best music I have ever heard, the selectors were on point and the crowd appreciative and in the know.

Central has been going through some changes at the moment, but keep an ear out for the new album later this year.

Central Records is turning 5!! thats right 5 years and 5 albums to show for it.

We cant wait to release CENTRAL 006.

Just as a reminder, here are our past releases (and if you want to get them from a CD store, please ask specifically for it from a staff member).

CENTRAL 002 OTAUTAHI ALLSTARS (self titled) 2003

CENTRAL 006 New O.G Hiphop album "From Scratch" - DUE April 2008. feat: Spikey Tee, KP & Switch (Sunshine Soundsystem), Wacklar (Eskimo Squad), Mara TK, LA Mitchel, Mark Vanilau, Charmed 1 and Voodo child, plus many talented more musicians and vocalists.


Photos by
Jenny Rahman


One week to go party people. CHCH weather has been scorching and we anticipate a hot hot weekend of music, dancing and unity.

If you dont have a ticket yet, you better get yourself down to cosmic corner now. CHCH and DUNEDIN. Or its $65 on the door - no eftpos, bring cash, directions below.

The site looks great and all the artists are excited about their performance. Make sure your there to be a part of something special.

Food wise we have the Herb Centre doing delicious food and coffee, an Ice cream stand, plus loads more.

Things to bring: camping equipment, sun screen, bottled water, cash. There will be a very limited number of t-Shirts for sale, plus albums from some of the artists.

Please drive slowly and carefully on the gravel road in. Look after each other.

Our Deadly Lineup:

3pm Rudegirl

4 Red-I

5 Nazarite (Dubwise)

6 Messenjah

7 Sticky (Dolla Mix)

8 O.G w MC KP and Switch

9 Ladi 6

10 King Kapisi

11 Sunshine Soundsystem w MC KP and Switch

12 D’erb

1 Gooba (I-Nation)

1:30 Marcus Visionary (Canada - Digital Soundboy)

3:30 Mysterious D

4:30 Ill Figga

6am Finish

Sunday 18 Feb

11am Poncho San Pedro (Central Records)

11:45 Jungle (Dnd)

12:30pm Wrecked State (Dexta)

1:30 Beat Raskool (Dredford-Shapeshifter) MPC Set

2:30 Rude Boy (Salmonella Dub) with The Mighty Asterix

3:30 Finish



Please print and take with you to event.

Thats right, just a month to go and here is the info you need to go to a legendary music festival site and see some of NZ's best artists and also check Canadian Dub Junglist, Marcus Visionary.

Tickets are $49 plus booking fee are ON SALE NOW!!! at Cosmic Corner (High St and The Palms, CHCH). Traveling from out of town?? Get someone in CHCH to get your tickets for you.

NOTE: This event will be limited to 1000 - so dont delay.

Also note that this is an OUTDOOR event and you should pack appropriately for Sunshine, Rain and Wind. The site is on a farm, so wear comfortable, secure footwear.

Tickets on sale now. Limited to 1000. $49 plus booking fee.

Click to view the Flyer:




Whitecliffs is a 50 minute drive from Christchurch. From Riccarton head to Darfield (30mins - last petrol stop), take left on way out to Coalgate, through Glentunnel, take a right to Whitecliffs (do not go over bridge to Methven), continue through to you reach a gravel road, 5 mins. Please drive safe and look after each other on the roads, no rush aye.

The site will open from 3pm Sat 17. You will be asked to stay onsite until you wish to leave, NO PASS OUTS. We don't want anyone on the road who is intoxicated or trying to drive back to CHCH at a dangerous time. This is a no Alcohol, Glass, Fire or Dog event. Your car will be searched and those items confiscated before you are allowed on site.

DO NOT TRY TO SNEAK IN, there are dangerous mine holes and muddy swamps that could be fatal, respect the farms around us and stay on site.

WARNING: Do not leave your car on the incoming road, it will be a dangerous hazard, and your tires will be let down, and pumped back up the following day for the ticket price.

There is no Telecom Cell phone coverage out there, but Vodafone works in good weather. Tip: say to your friends that you will meet at the food tent on the hour if you are near.

The music will finish at 3pm Sun 18 and the site has to be vacant by 4pm.

Please bring any plastic bags you have and take your rubbish with you. Bring sealed bottled water. No cookers or fire. There will be a range of stores selling vegetarian, vegan food, as well as everything else. There will also be a stall with Cd's from the artists so bring cash.

Things to bring:
Earplugs (for when you want to sleep).
Note for parents: bringing babies or children is not advised only because the festival runs until 6am with music, and could be an irritation for little ones.


We repeat this has a 1000 ticket limit, so get into Cosmic Corner High st or Palms asap and secure your weekend ticket.

If you have any questions please go to the ‘message’ page on this site and get in contact.


I-Nation Crew.

Marcus Visionary (Canada-Digital Soundboy)
King Kapisi
Ladi 6 & Parks
Sunshine Soundsystem
Mcs KP and Switch
Beat Raskool (aka Dredford – Shapeshifter)
Rudeboy (Salmonella Dub) + The Mighty Asterix
O.G. (Central Records)
Mysterious D
Wrecked State (Dexta)
Sticky Fingaz
Rudegirl (Central Records)
Poncho San Pedro (Central Records)
Jungle (Dndn)
Ill Figga

MARCUS VISIONARY (Canada-Digital Soundboy)
Marcus Visionary has been producing for the last 11 years. 2005 was a great year, as he set up two labels via Load Media in the U.K; Dance Rock and Lion Dubs. In 2005 he was also fortunate enough to be noticed by Shy FX and T Power and picked up as resident artists for the new Digital Soundboy label.

In the last decade Visionary has been featured on many premiere labels including: Play:musik, 31 Records, Revolve:r, Trouble on Vinyl, Horizon Music, X tinction Agenda, Shout, Flex Records, Hustlin Beats, On Point, Nice and Smoothe and of course Digital Soundboy, Dance Rock, Lion Dubs and their brand new label Rock & Groove via Nu Urban Music.

Leading the way in the dubjungle movement , VISIONARY is an act not to be missed!

Representing Aotearoa Hip hop, I-NATION brings you, the original don of the mic, KING KAPISI & our very own soul sister LADI 6 with DJ PARKS.

If this is not enough we have the SUNSHINE SOUNDSYSTEM with mc's KP and SWITCH. BEAT RASCALL (aka Dreadford-Shapeshifter), DJ RUDE BOY(Salmonella Dub) & THE ALMIGHTY ASTRIX plus support from Christchurch's hottest D.J's.


"Kaps and hip hop inseparable like Siamese twins" - Raise Up

Indeed, in the future when we tell our grand kids about the never-ending story of the rise and triumph of Aotearoan hip hop, one of the first names we will recite is Bill Urale, Kapisi, Kaps the royal one.

Hip hop runs through his synapses, linking the cultural threads like Tetris pieces and spitting out knowledge with every verse, every utterance representing hip hop truth. He's done this since back in the day as Bran Muffin MC in the seminal Polynesian unit Gifted and Brown and solo since 1995. Like a volcano oozing lava he hit in 1998 with the superb "Sub-Cranium Feeling" and in 1999 with "Reverse Resistance", which picked up the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll award.

The monumental "Savage Thoughts" album came out in 2000 to unanimous praise, followed in 2003 by the acerbic battle cry of "2nd Round Testament". Now Kaps lifts the game to the roof with his third album, the vigorous, scintillating and engrossing "Dominant Species".

Kaps has recently been working on his next album with some production by O.G. 2007 looks to be a big year for the King, dont miss him.

King Kapisi


Starting her musical career in Christchurch, Ladi 6 was part of the all-girl hip-hop group Sheelahroc. Sheelahroc had the hit track "If I Gave You The Mic" and Ladi 6 was nominated for Best Vocalist/MC at the 2003 bNet music awards.

Ladi 6 then moved to Auckland with her band Verse Two who quickly gained a reputation as a top New Zealand live soul/hip-hop group. They won the bNet best new act award in 2004, toured New Zealand with packed shows and supported international acts such as The Roots and De La Soul. Ladi 6's vocals feature on stand-out tracks by some of Aotearoa's finest talent, including Shapeshifter, Scribe, Fat Freddys Drop, O.G and 50 Hz.

Ladi 6 is currently writing for her debut solo album, which will be released in 2007, and will be produced by Mu from Fat Freddy's Drop.

Don't miss this set to hear new tracks from her debut solo album!!!

Sunshine Soundsystem's Downtown Brown.

Sunshine Soundsystem's MC SWITCH.

O.G (Oakley Grenell - Central Records)

O.G. is Oakley's solo production project. As O.G., Oakley writes, records, arranges and produces tracks of many different persuasions. He has tried his hand at Dub, Reggae, Jungle, Drum'nBass, HipHop, Dancehall, 2 Step and Breaks…the best way to describe his style - Roots and Jazz based and influenced. Basically he is the man behind …everything here really. His dad is NZ Country Singstar –John Hore Grenell, he grew up on the legendary Whitecliffs Ranch, host to the Whitecliffs Folk Festivals which are sited as a huge influence on all the Grenell kids'.

He started experimenting with digital production techniques in 2000 and in 2002 received a grant to make his first release – The Jaded E.P and with that Central Records was also founded. As well as producing all of Central Records releases he is also a live musician (band & theatre), DJ & Soundtrack Producer

Some of his career highlights, achievements and interesting things:

Playing support for Ben Harper

CHCH Jazz School Jazz Guitar performance Scholarship recipient

High School Music Teacher

Founder of Central Records

2002 B.Net Nominee – 'Most promising New Act' (O.G. Jaded EP)

2003 B.Net Nominee – 'Best Downbeat Release' ( The Otautahi Allstars L.P.)

2004 B.Net Nominee – 'Best Downbeat Release' (O.G. Uncharted L.P)

RDU Show host – 'Central Sounds' & 'Sunday Skool'

2003 BBC Cutting Room – Producers Award winner

OG and MC KP (of Sunshine Soundsystem)

The Nice Up

Round 2 of The Nice Up is an exclusive to the Christchurch Home crowd
starring special guest Wellington based DJ Damon aka The Nomad!

Check the Events page for more info on the Nice Up. See you there.